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News and Events

Mission and priorities

  • NIS holds a key position in the national security system of the Republic of Bulgaria. In cooperation with the other national security services and the armed forces, NIS ensures the national security and sovereignty of the Republic of Bulgaria. The priorities of NIS' activities are set forth in the National Security Strategy and are further elaborated on in the specific short and medium term tasks, assigned by the President, the Prime Minister and the Parliament. Major areas of activities Ensuring fresh and corroborated intelligence supporting the implementation of the foreign policy priorities of the country. Economic security. Asymmetric threats and foreign counterintelligence. Cooperation with intelligence and security services in the framework of the EU and NATO, as well as with other countries. Participation in multilateral fora of the agencies belonging to the international intelligence community. Main Tasks Obtaining sources of intelligence on the major areas of activities. Use of technical means for acquiring verified information on the main priorities. Assessment…